Le Touquet

An elegant and sophisticated resort
within easy reach of the Valley de la Course

The jewel in the crown of the Opale Coast,
Le Touquet has been drawing the chic
and stylish for over a century.

Calais - just 45 minutes

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The resort, known as Le Touquet – Paris Plage (or Paris by the sea) with good reason. Le Touquet is THE major resort along the Opale Coast and has been since the 1930’s when it was the seasonal haunt of both the English and the French upper classes (Edward & Mrs Simpson were often discrete houseguests)

Today's glitterati tend to be drawn more from the world of French cinema and commerce who gather during the summer season to attend world class events, concerts and exhibitions.

Its shops and restaurants reflect its heyday and still continue to cater to the tastes of the majority of today’s holidaymakers and second homeowners – the Parisians.

In Le Touquet you will find the latest in fashion, eateries, and all manner of sporting facilities & events, concerts and exhibitions throughout the year. Unlike other beach resorts Le Touquet is
open throughout the year.

From its pristine villas discretely hidden behind pine trees and manicured lawns to the ½ timbered Edwardian villas that line the back roads close to the centre,  Le Touquet has a well worn charm of its own. After dark the centre is alive with outdoor dining, cafes, music bars, nightclubs, casinos and concerts – even Aqualud has an evening session staying open to midnight .

Le Touquet beach is unsurpassed in the region.  Mile upon mile of white sand backed at either end by undulating sand dunes.  If like the French your taste is for crowds, lots of beachside activities, snack bars, restaurants and of course, the omnipotent Aqualud, then you need go no farther than the centre of the beach to find it all – in spades!.

If on the other hand you hanker after an unspoilt natural coastline away from the crowds with lots of secluded corners amongst the dunes just take yourself to the North Beach for one of Le Touquet’s best surprises. Here where the estuary meets the sea you will share a wild and wonderful, almost New England-like, landscape with windsurfers and sailing dinghies venturing out from the bay’s yachting club.   Just take a look at the photos here and ask yourself how far you would have to go to find a more naturally perfect spot to fly your kite.

And then, there are the golf courses – 2 of them.  Often the venue of international competitions, the green fees still manage to be lower than their counterparts in England . The list of sporting and cultural activities on offer is long. In Le Touquet you can’t help but find something to everyone’s taste and budget.  Ask a Frenchman anywhere about Le Touquet and he will not only know of it but give you an appreciative sigh.  It is only in more recent years that holidaying English families are coming to discover what the French have always known and valued.

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