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Make sure your visit to the region includes a stop at

Chocolats de Beussent
in the charming Vallee de la Course near Le Touquet

The art of making fine chocolate is not unlike that of making fine wine. The quality of the cocoa bean as with the grape is the first priority. The rest is then down to the skill, the talent, and the guarded recipe of the artisan blender.

Nowhere is this art practiced with more dedication and enthusiasm than by Bruno Derick, chocolate maker extraordinaire, in his little white cottage tucked away in the hamlet of Beussent at the heart of the charming Vallee de la Course near Le Touquet.

When chocolate is your life nothing can be too much trouble and no detail left to chance. In achieving his ‘perfect’ blend Bruno and his brother Alain travel each year to Africa’s Ivory Coast to personally select 

cocoa beans from no less than 7 different plantations (crus). Only the finest beans are then selected for quality, taste and aroma before being packed up in large gunny sacks and shipped back to Beussent where they are transformed into dark rich chocolate of at least 70% cocoa.

What is even more exceptional in our times is that this precious commodity actually manages to make its way to this small and intimate maker of exquisite chocolates rather than being scoped up by the big labels of Switzerland and Belgium. With over 50,000 visitors each year, 600 of them English filled coaches, following the beaten trail of those in the know who have come to see and taste the secrets of Bruno’s craft, it is becoming clear that the cottage workshop is not quite the secret it once was.

As you descend the steps to the lower ground floor shop there is no indication of what lies just on the other side of the big blue entrance doors. Step inside and you are instantly enveloped in the sights and smells of the intimately lit woody interior – warmly stage set for the ultimate seduction of all lovers of chocolate!

Taste before you buy but be sure to leave enough time to tag, without reservation, on to one of the small groups being led round the corner into the workshop by brother Alain twice each afternoon throughout the summer months for a fascinating tour and demonstration of their craft. Large groups and school parties can be accommodated by special arrangement in advance.

Alain who conducts the tours lived in Los Angeles for 10 years, speaks excellent English and will be happy to answer any of your questions as long as they don’t include requests for their secret recipes.

While living in America Alain helped his brother’s fledgling business back in Beussent by setting up small and exclusive shops in both LA and New York’s 5th Avenue. On request Bruno’s chocolates made their way as welcome gifts into the suites of Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal resort hotel in Atlantic City and even to the White House when occupied by the Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Sr. administrations.

Treat yourself or remember those at home. Sample from a myriad of delicious flavours and textures. There is also a wide choice of novelty chocolate ideas that make great gifts for Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or just a souvenir of your stay. The sights and smells of the seductively lit shop interior will live forever in the memory of wonderful holidays past!

Guided Tours/Demonstrations at the Beussent ‘Factory Shop’

Escorted tours and demonstrations are held all year round at the little white cottage ‘factory shop’ at Beussent:

  • Tours 21st July – 31st August every afternoon except Sundays at 3.30 & 4.30.

  • To join an existing tour at other times please phone Alain in advance.

  • School parties and other groups welcome by arrangement.

  • Please phone Alain on 00333 21 861762 for details

Ample parking for coaches.

If you can’t make it to the workshop in Beussent
you can still visit one of their retail shops in:

Boulogne-sur-Mer, Wimereux, St. Omer, Compiegne, Lachelle,
Berck sur Mer, Dunkerque and at Le Touquet-Paris Plage.

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