within easy reach of our area

AQUALUD WATER SPORTS CENTRE. Le Touquet Beach. Housed under a glass dome is a giant pool with waves, 'rocky' slides, jacuzzis, solarium etc. Additional outdoor section open in summer with 3 more pools, flumes and two new rides, the Black Hole and the Twister. The outdoor area is surrounded by a large terrace with sun beds and overlooks the sea. The year-round water park is kept at a temperature of 29 degrees. 

NAUSICAA. Boulogne s/Mer. State of the art under sea world complex with more than 3,000 species some of whom you can hold or pet. Designed to educate as well as amuse. 

EURO DISNEY. Located to the west of Paris now accessible in a little over 2 hours via the A16 autoroute from Montreuil s/Mer. 

Dennlys Amusement Parc - Been there Done Disney to death? - treat
your kids
to all the thrills and spills of the kind of  good old fashioned amusement park you probably went to when you were a kid.  Low cost and low tech Dennlys in only 20 mins drive from the Vallee de la Course.

Nice surroundings including an old working mill and decent food. Great for the up to 12 year olds.  Dennebroeucq near Fauquemberges

PARC ASTERIX. Located just south of Lille and accessed directly from the A1 autoroute exit 7. Designed around the Asterix cartoon character to be the French challenge to Euro Disney.

BAGATELLE. Merliment. Reasonably priced amusement park near Le Touquet with 40 attractions including the Jet Star ride, a Grand Prix circuit, water chutes and zoo for the little ones. 

CHEMIN DE FER. St. Valery-sur-Somme. Antique steam train that does a horseshoe circuit around the Bay de Somme between the 2 historic ports of St. Valery and Le Crotoy that lie on opposite sites of the Bay de Somme. Passes willow-lined streams and crosses fields & marshlands full of wild life with the chance to see a small herd of the famous wild Henson horses.

BELLEWAERDE. Close to Ypres, Belgium. Wildlife/amusement park in 1 boasting one of the highest splash rides in Europe.

WALIBI PARK Wavre, Belgium. Amusement park with emphasis on white-knuckle rides. Also has water rides, aquatic and stage shows.

LA COUPLE. St. Omer. Underground bunker built by Hitler to be used as the V2 rocket launch pad from which he planned to devastate London. Today it survives as a showcase of war and rockets from WW11 through to Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon.

AGINCOURT. East of Montreuil s/Mer. Battle site of the great English victory lead by Henry V against the French in 1415. The Centre Historique uses the latest in audio-visual technology to re-create the events: look through a helmet and see yourself armed and on horseback under a rain of arrows. Special effect rooms illustrate the progress of events throughout the day of battle.

RAOUL de CREQUY. Crequy. Light and sound show with music and dance in a knight and jousting theme.

CHOCOLATERIE DE BEUSSENT. Beussent in Vallee de la Course. Scheduled guided tours of this 'mini chocolate factory' take you through the steps of exquisite chocolate making by hand. Free samples! and of course the chance to buy.

LE MOULIN DE LA TOUR. Tour ancient mill and sample a crepe.  Located in Dennly's Amusement nr Fauquemberges. 

CYCLING. The Dept. of the Pas de Calais has just produced a boxed set of 8 cycle touring routes including one of our immediate area, Les Lacs d'Amour. Information panels and sign posts have been erected along each route and a number of villages in the Vallee de la Course have placed picnic tables at scenic points. You will find a set of these maps available in most of our houses together with a set of ordnance survey maps to help guide you.

CANOE & KAYAK. Montreuil sur Mer. Depart from river basin at lower town. Also at Baie de Canche (Etaples).

MILES OF SAFE SANDY BEACHES AND DUNES THE LENGTH OF THE COAST FROM HARDELOT TO FORT MAHON at the Somme. Swimming, shelling, shrimping, kite flying and bucket & spading.

SAND YACHTING. At most main beach resorts such as Le Touquet & Hardelot, Merliment and Berck.

WIND SURFING. At Le Touquet, Hardelot, Merlimont, Stella, Berck and Wimereux, & Ste. Cecile.

HORSE RIDING. Guided rides from Inxent, Hucqueliers, Le Touquet, Hardelot and over the dunes and marshes of the Bay de Somme.

THE MARQUENTERRE ORNITHOLOGICAL PARK. Nature reserve on the Bay de Somme covering more than 250 hectares and home to over 300 species of birds, 27 species of animals and 380 plants. Walks and guided tours. See their website for more info

Heated pools and Games Rooms at LA BOUQUETTERIE & BOUQUETTERIE TOO, VIEUX POMMIER,  Superb studio playroom at CHEZ JASMINE.   Huge well equipped garden at LAGRANGE.

Board games, children & adult libraries all in English at ALL houses.

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